Ananda Marga Yoga Teacher’s Training Course

Module I on 20th to 30th April.

Part 2 will begin on 2nd to 12 th of Sept. 2015

On completion of both 1st and 2nd modules (200 hrs course) you will receive: Ananda Marga Yoga teachers Training and Yoga Alliance certificate. 

AMYTT course:

Ananda Marga teaches Yoga as a tool for transformation in order to give a universal perspective about life, spiritual awakening and overall well-being to all students, seeing Yoga not only as a tool for individual progress, but also as a means of improving human society.

Ananda Marga centers in over 120 to 140 countries, run by full-time volunteers or nuns and monks that dedicate their lives to teaching Yoga and Meditation in order to awaken consciousness of all individuals at a physical, mental and spiritual level.

Teaching Yoga is a type of service. A way of touching other human beings with love, so that they also, can be better prepared to navigate the path of life. The practical philosophy of Tantra was propounded bu Lord SHIVA 7000 yrs. ago. Which has gone through much distortion. Shrii Shrii Ananda Murti has revived its original form.

This course has therefore very transforming contents! As one of our students says:

“I feel transformed by the programme! I feel full of strength, wisdom and courage to teach Yoga to others. The feeling of love and unity within the group was outstanding. I will keep this in my heart and take it wherever I go”.

The programme of AMYTC is open to Yoga students of all levels. Giving all participants a solid base on Ananda Marga spiritual practices including technical and practical knowledge of yoga postures or ásanas and their teaching methodology, yoga philosophy, anatomy and physiology. This 10-day residential programme allows all participants to experience all this classes in the calm and inspiring environment of Paul 18km from Fundão and 22 km from Covilhã. Close to the Serra da Estrela and Gardunha mountains.

It is specifically dedicated to those who already have some contact with the lifestyle of Yoga or knowledge with Ananda Marga and its practices or that have a very sincere interest in Yoga, Meditation and its way of life.

Why is this the right course for you?

  • Learn how to introduce Ananda Marga as a unique Yoga practice
  • Learn how to teach Ananda Marga Yoga at a professional level
  • Deepen your understanding of Ananda Marga practices
  • Acquire qualifications to become an outstanding instructor
  • Become a member of the growing worldwide community of Ananda Marga instructors


Acarya Dhyanananda

Is a monk of Ananda Marga since 1987. For 28yrs He has dedicated his life to Yoga and meditation, to make a significant and positive change in the world by practical teachings of Shrii Anandamurti, through art, music, bio psychology, healthy lifestyle and understanding the simple joys of life! He has knowledge and experience of other types of yoga such as Iyengar, Raja yoga, Kundalini yoga, Ashtaunga , Power yoga and Synergy Yoga, He will certify you with AMYTT 200 and RYT 200 certification of the Yoga Alliance. He has taught in the, Asia, Middle east, Far East, India, Europe, and Central America, with current base in Portugal.

Since 1997 Dada has been developing and teaching lifestyle changes through various courses, Retreat, Self development programs NLP. He helped to established Ananda marga organization in Portugal for new members. His dedicated work, continues to help people improve their quality of lives through Yoga, meditation, other well-being practices, education and social service programs in Portugal and around the world. Right now involved in developing a Multidimensional Training institute in Portugal for a multitude of certification course which have been developed for seekers of True Spiritual development within. This is being done in Paul close to Covilhã where a team of motivated members and friends are setting up Master unit. ( Yogic lifestyle is the way of the future. Dada is passionately involved with diet and nutrition for the betterment of our society. This is what Dada does best for you. Inspire to change your way of life. You will also learn about exquisite vegetarian cooking as dada is a fusion food chef.

Study Program:

The course is divided into two parts: Theory and practice. 

The theoretical part will cover history of Yoga, philosophy and psychological fundamentals of Yoga, Tantra and the science behind the practices.

The practical part of the course deals with the instruction of Yoga postures following the style and system of Ananda Marga, incorporating several other techniques that will reinforce the variety of ásanas (including alignment techniques, preparation and alternative postures); simple techniques and exercises to teach meditation courses; tips for speaking in public and didactic methodology; anatomy and subtle anatomy (cakras and kosas) and physiology from the perspective of a yoga posture; focusing in the importance of a consistent and regular personal practice.

  • The history of Yoga and different types of Yoga
  • How to introduce Ananda Marga’s as a unique practice of Yoga
  • Simple techniques and exercises for the instruction of meditation
  • Tips for speaking in public and other didactic methodology
  • Guidelines for techniques of ásanas, alignment, alternative postures and preparations
  • Physiology and subtle anatomy
  • The history of neuroscience behind Ashtanga Yoga and Biopsychology
  • Instructor practical experience on stage

Important information:

This Yoga instructor training is composed by two out of the four modules that make the complete 200-hour-course certified by the Yoga Alliance and is given by an expert and professional team of educators.

By the end of these two first modules, a temporary certification will be emitted, while the final certificate will be emitted at the end of all four modules (200hrs) directly by the Yoga Alliance.

It is possible to join modules 3 and 4 of the AMYTT before modules 1 and 2 if:

  • You have one year’s yoga experience
  • You have done extensive pre-study of Ananda Marga asanas prior to the training

Official site of the international course:

Last year’s video:

What to bring:

One block, one belt and one blanket per student for the ásana practice.

Daily programme:

AMYTC is committed to offer the most inspiring yoga classes, Kiirtan (mantra chanting), daily meditations and delicious vegetarian meals. Every day holds an in depth program with diverse teaching and learning experiences.

06:00 Wake up
06:45 Yoga class
08:00 Dharma cakra / collective meditation (including dharma shastra, svadhyaya, kaoshikii e tandava)
09:00 Light breakfast and Karma Yoga
10:00 Lecture
12:30 Individual meditation
13:00 Lunch, free time and karma yoga
15:00 Lecture
17:30 Lecture and free time
18:00 Dharma cakra / collective meditation
19:00 Dinner
20:00 Lecture
21:30 Avartha Kiirtan
22:00 Good night

Note: There will be Monabrata (silence) from 22:00 to 10:00.

Contribution (Module 1 and 2)

  • Contribution (including meals and accommodation): 990€
  • Discounted rate for payments received 2 months before : 850€
  • Discounts for WTs, LFTs and family acaryas. Please talk to us for more information.


Will require to work with us for three to four months as a volunteer in exchange for the course and certification. This will require a interview with Dada Dhyanananda.

To sign up email Rui (Rasadeva), or call any of the following numbers: (+351) 96 555 666 1.

(The organization may request students to attend a pre-enrollment interview where appropriate).


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